Before I launch into all the details about myself, my partner, our company, and so on… I’m going to give you the quick 5 on why you should email us to meet up for a drink and talk photos, and the quick 5 on why you don’t want to hire us.


1. You want a company that doesn’t get all their ideas from Pinterest (we only steal the best ideas).

2. You believe your wedding should be fun, and you want your photographers to be fun (we don’t not have fun… our job is too awesome).

3. Photography is at least one of the top 3 most important things you consider while planning your wedding (unless food is the top 3, then photos better be #4).

4. You don’t want to photograph your own wedding, so you want photographers that you can trust to know what they’re doing (we fake it really well).

5. You’re a badass with exquisite taste and a good sense of humour… and/or you’re ok with humour being spelled the British way (the British spelling just adds colour).


1. You are only concerned with finding the cheapest photographers you can (we’re not it).

2. It’s between us and your Uncle who has a nice camera (I have a nice baseball glove, but I don’t play for the Cardinals).

3. Your wedding day is too sacred for there to be excessive laughter (I totally respect that… you just don’t want to hire us… we’d all be miserable).

4. You do love our work, but you really want us to shoot your wedding like X, Y, or Z photographer (you should hire X, Y, or Z for that).

5. You treat your waiter/waitress poorly (seriously, if you think about yourself and are like “yeah, I kind of suck…” then please spare us).


Ok. There’s that… now for the Classified Ad.

I’m Justin, and I’m very happy you have found my company, Justin M Photo. You have quite a journey ahead of you as you plan your wedding, and I truly hope I can help you. I promise I will do so without all the nonsense you’re no doubt already being bombarded with. Forget about what all the social media ads are telling you to do for a second, never mind the 30 emails you received that say “For the perfect wedding you have to… bla bla bla.” Ugh.

Just take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea or something (whiskey?), and let me assure you… your wedding is going to be awesome. Not because of the flowers, not because of the tablecloths, but because you’re going to marry the person you love being with. If you’re more concerned about the other stuff, feel free to look around here, but we’re probably not the right wedding photographers for you.

JMP is an award-winning wedding photography studio based out of St. Louis, Missouri. We opened our doors in Columbia, MO in 2008 (good year to start a business, right?) and have been going strong since. My partner, Mariah, and I delight in creating memorable imagery for families and individuals. We both love what we do… don’t believe me, call me and ask me anything about photography! Seriously. We have photographed portraits of people young and old, celebrities, families, babies, we’ve shot commercial products, food, sporting events, conferences, and everything in between.

But of all the various types of shoots we do, we always find ourselves gravitating back to weddings.

Weddings are amazing for a number of reasons. Obviously, the significance of the day itself is not lost on us. It’s awesome to watch a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or otherwise… join together out of love. From an aesthetic perspective (which we frequently take), we also love the fact that people dress up for weddings. Traditional or otherwise, people always tend to look sharp, and carry themselves just a little bit classier at a wedding. Now the reception, that’s another story altogether.

Weddings, for as stressful as the planning may be (it doesn’t have to be!), always tend to have a nice pace throughout the day. We all spend so much time racing against the clock these days, that it’s nice to see people when they literally only have one important thing they have to do all day, and then at the end, they’re rewarded with good food and free booze.

It is our mission to tell the story of a wedding day accurately and beautiful, and to represent not only the visuals, but the emotions that exist throughout the day. Our style could be called emotional realism or photo-journalistic storytelling. Because we always work as a team, and have done so for years, Mariah and I are able to capture the candid moments as well as details and can direct compelling naturally posed images as well.

Mariah (M, as I call her affectionately) is also a graphic designer, so she brings a different eye than I do and has a much more delicate view and attention to detail. I am also a frontman for a band, so I bring a certain flair and an easy demeanor (which helps a lot when you have to get along with 50 or so people throughout a day of shooting). M and I comprise 2/3rds of a marketing company as well. You can check that out at www.KTPromo.com, if you’re so inclined.

Anyway, I’m a rambler, so I’ll wrap it up with this: It would be a pleasure to meet with you in order to discuss what we can do for you and how we can help you document your journeys through unique and stunning visuals.

Your story is in sight…