Erich and Dee. Sittin’ in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g. I don’t know what it is about our luck with the weather, but this October day was perfect. Cedar Lake Cellars was a gorgeous location. The leaves were turning all hues of red and yellow, the grass was green, the temperature was unseasonably warm throughout the day, and the night air was crisp and dry… and full of love. Whoah oh oh oh Love is in the air! Sorry. I’m back.

Anyway… Erich and I met through music. We’d played in a band together in 2007ish, and have kept in touch since then. In fact, just a few weeks ago, we started a new band together! We’re all open to suggestions for the name. After he popped the question, he came to me and asked if I would be his photographer. One of the groomsmen, Joe, another member of our band,  had me shoot his wedding years ago and put in a good word for me. Joe and Christi’s wedding was one of the first ones I shot solo. So thanks, you two, for giving me a chance. And thanks Dee and Erich for backing up their decision.

I digress. Dee, as per usual, looked amazing and vibrant. There were so many smiles and so much laughter this day that it truly felt more like one big fancy party than anything else. The sun was shining down on the ceremony, and when night fell, the fires were lit and we all ate, drank, and were quite merry. I get to see Dee and Erich once a week now, and they’ve got two babies… A black cat named Ebony, and a brand new little pup named Marty. They’re an adorable family, and Mariah and I are proud to consider them part of our own.

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