There was a single moment on the day of Joseph and Connie’s wedding that sums up the whole experience for me. Picture this… I’m standing out in a clearing amongst the verdant forests of Quail Ridge Park quite literally shooting the breeze with Joseph. He’s facing me, and I’m looking in the direction of where I know Connie will be walking in from to meet him for the first time that day. I see Joseph start to fidget, and he starts undoing his watch.


“Whatcha doin’, Joseph?” I say.

“Should I take my watch off or leave it on?” He replies.

“What do you mean? For what?” I ask him… genuinely confused at his action and question.

“To see… I mean for the pictures… Like… When Connie comes in should I have the watch… I don’t know what I’m doing.”

They have a well-tempered, but almost nervously childlike anticipation for one another. Maybe I’m crazy (I am… but just maybe in this context specifically), but something about that moment resonated with me. Being so in love that you literally start removing accessories because you honestly just don’t know what else to do in the moments right before you’re about to see the woman you’re going to marry in a couple of hours.

There were so many little things like this throughout the day, and the gorgeous landscapes combined with the effervescing excitement everyone was overflowing with made for a perfect wedding.

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