Passing around a bottle of Kraken rum at the hotel after the amazing reception at the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis. That is my last memory of the night of Scott and Hannah’s wedding. It’s no wonder they party, given our mutual contact. Mariah and I were working for Roxy’s Party Bar as the marketing crew, and the owner, Jesse, told us nonchalantly, “Hey, my sister is getting married in a few weeks. You guys should shoot their wedding.” By a stroke of luck, the date was free, and in retrospect, we’re so glad that was the case! Hanna and Scott are an amazing couple, and we had an absolute blast working with them.

Their ceremony was held in an old stone church just outside of St. Louis. The interior was overflowing with light through the windows and glowed like a Kinkade painting. After the ceremony, we piled into a party bus and drank our way to Forest Park to shoot some large portraits and group photos of the people that put the “party” in wedding party. Once we wrapped up the photo session, it was off to the Casa Loma Ballroom off of Cherokee. This happened:

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