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Matt and Leleya got married… 8 months ago. Matt and Leleya had an amazing wedding… on October 25th, 2014. I doubt the MAC has ever had such a crazy awesome couple get married within their walls.

Mariah and I were lucky to be a part of such a beautiful wedding, and as expected, a killer reception. We had our suspicions it would be a wild one. In fact, I think we started to develop said suspicions sometime around the 2nd or 3rd time we met with Matt and Leleya and the triple-digit bar tabs started piling up.

горько (pronounced GOR-KA), if I heard correctly, was the chant from the crowd to get the happy couple to kiss; I’d be lying to say I did in fact hear it correctly at first. What I heard initially was VODKA… which also seemed oddly fitting. горько means bitter, but this wedding was anything but!

Matt and Leleya are a Russian/Jewish couple, and if that doesn’t already sound like a recipe for a good time, then I would suggest you diversify your life a bit more. Every detail was in place, Leleya’s hair, makeup, dress… perfect. The flowers were absolutely beautiful. Matt looked like a shoe-in for the next Bond film. It was awesome. I’m a little hungover.

Cheers, Matt and Leleya! Here’s to many happy years together… За здоровье!

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