So… Sometimes you get to kick fieldgoals while you shoot a wedding. I guess we’re not exactly “traditional” wedding photographers, Mariah and myself. Todd and Shannon definitely helped us dispel any notion that we might be. It was a rainy morning, which of course meant awesome clouds and great light… It was a sunny afternoon, which of course meant a dry wedding (the ceremony was indoors, but you know… the outdoors stuff… walking to the party bus, photos, greeting line, etc.)… It was a gorgeous night, which of course meant partying long and hard.

On that note, I guess now is as good a time as any to let you all know… if you insist Mariah and I party with you, we’re going to party with you. And we don’t mean we’ll politely oblige you and have a glass of white wine… we mean we’ll slam beers with you on the party bus, have a drink off with you at the reception, and take whiskey shots with you because you insist. We’re just accommodating like that. 😉

Anyway, aside from the insane amount of fun we had at this wedding, it was also beautiful. Shannon looked amazing, the reception hall was great, the locations were incredible, and we got to go onto Faurot Field at Mizzou and play around… which was kind of awesome. Oh, and Todd let me get away with this gem:


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