After a long journey down a serpentine dust-spewing gravel road, Mariah and I pulled up to a driveway and were greeted by still-lifes of fishing poles leaning against trees, gun racks mounted on trucks, and two magazine-quality smiles that appeared at the window of a ranch house in Hermann, Missouri. Out sauntered Zach and Kelsey into the warm sunlight on a perfect Fall day. Fresh haircuts, trendy sweaters, fitted jeans, and boots made their way over to welcome us to Hermann, Missouri.

Then we all got on 4-wheelers and hauled ass into the woods to play around like animals.  The location was as beautiful as the weather, and we all had a blast spending the day together. We explored Kelsey’s grandparent’s land, battled the hordes of Hermannites as they geared up for the epic debauchery that is Octoberfest in that legendarily German town, and eventually settled into eating and drinking our way through the evening, in true local form. The shoot went perfectly, and we’re all excited for their wedding in the Summer of 2015.

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